class MyJavaCode { public static void main(String[] args) { System.out.println("Hello World!"); // Prints the string to the console. } }

Easy Coder

Programming made simple.

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Java programming and coding has never been any easier! Have you been looking for an opportunity to learn how to develop and run Java programs? Forget all the myths you must have heard about programming and coding; this app simplifies everything. Easy Coder is carefully designed to provide step-by-step interactive lessons, quizzes, and programming challenges which will teach you the fundamental programming concepts. This app will turn you into an intermediate software developer. Careful emphasis is placed on balanced theoretical and practical experiences of running code on a system. Each of the programming lessons are kept concise and short, so that they can easily fit in a busy schedule whenever and wherever. Easy Coder finds a way to make programming sound beautiful and more exciting.

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  • ★ Easy ★
    ✓ Very Easy Interface to use, you can easily see the topics that you can learn and switch between them.
    ✓ Our Java coding app is designed to fit everyone so even if you are a beginner or already a Java programmer and want to improve your skills you can use our app without problems.
  • ★ Free ★
    ✓ Our app is made to let everyone learn Java for free and without paying any fees.
  • ★ Many Topics ★
    ✓ We provide almost all topics that you need to master the Java programming language. Topics we provide include: Variables, Inputs, Comparisons, Conditions, Loops, and Arrays Objects, Methods, Classes, Inheritance, Error Handling, and File Read/ Write etc.
  • ★ Quizzes & Challenges ★
    ✓ You can test everything you learned with the quizzes and challenges that we provide.
  • ★ Java Compiler ★
    ✓ Test any code you want directly on our app, without going elsewhere.
  • ★ Concise & short ★
    ✓ All our lessons are concise & short so you can still learn even if you have a busy schedule.